Cups & Sticks – Cup Stacking Challenge

Objective: The objective of the Cups & Sticks game is for each player to successfully stack cups onto sticks within a one-minute time frame.


• 2 X Straws/ Sticks for cup transfer.
* ​15 Cups


• Players have one minute to stack a total of 15 cups on sticks.
* ​Players have to do this within one minute.

• Assign a value to each cup.

• Players must pick up 15 cups from a designated area and transfer them to straws for stacking on sticks within the given time.

• The game is played against a one-minute countdown clock.

• The order in which cups are picked is at the discretion of each player.

• If a cup falls to the ground during the stacking process, the player has two options:

• Continue with the next cup on the table.

• Pick up the fallen cup from the ground using only the straw (no hands allowed) and continue stacking.
* ​Players are not allowed to touch the cups when they are placed on the stick. There should be a one-centimetre gap between the hand holding the stock and the cup.


• Each cup successfully stacked on the sticks adds its assigned value to the contestant’s score.

• The total score is calculated as soon as the one-minute time runs out.


• At the end of the Cups & Sticks game, the player with the lowest total score is eliminated.

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